Have humans got diseases from farmers using pesticides?



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         Yes indeed. Because of its caustic nature, pesticides are very dangerous to humans and a recent study done by Harvard has proven the link between chronic exposure to pesticides over a long period of time to Parkinson’s disease; over 70 percent of those studied had a higher rate of the disease, according to sciencedaily.com.

         Other studies conducted by major universities have come to similar conclusions- that pesticides do indeed put humans at a greater risk for various diseases such as the aforementioned Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclorosis, as well as various cancers. Another common complaint from users of pesticide is irritation of the skin, or dermatitis.

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    Like most environmental torte cases, it is difficult to prove if any pesticides have been the direct cause of any disease. Studies show that some pesticides cause Parkinson’s in mice, which is good evidence that it may have similar effects on humans. Other pesticides have been labeled as carcinogens.

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