Have emissions regulations caused any cars to be discontinued?



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    The air cooled Volkswagen beetle was discontinued in the US but still produced in Mexico. Being air cooled makes it harder to maintain the close tolerances and operating temperatures required to get good emissions.

    Also, some high performance foreign cars cannot be imported without substantila modifications.

    Emission controls do increases costs, and this changes the competitive condition. many models have been discontinued since emission controls were instituted, but it would be difficult to separate the many “causes” for their demise. The Beetle for example had other problems besides emissions: low power, poor front end crash protection, and an aging public image.

    The old two stroke Saab was notorious for spewing noxious smoke, so it would probably be a cndidate for a car discontinued because of emmissions, along with maybe the original Rabbit Diesel. The 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood V8-6-4 was a failure largley because of its attempt to save fuel and redue emissions by shutting off cylinders, And the E-type Jaguar underwent major engine changes whhich ultimately caused its demise.

    Then, of course there was the Hummer.




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