Have eagles ever attacked humans?



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    While rare, there have been several cases where eagles harmed humans. One example is from just a month ago in Alaska, where several times people were divebombed by eagles at a post office in Dutch Harbor. The eagles had nested atop the building, and were protecting what they perceived to be threats to their newly hatched chicks. None of the people were seriously hurt, but one victim apparently did have blood drawn by the contact. 

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    Yes, eagles have attacked humans before.

    A harpy eagle attacked a BBC producer and two others while they were filming a documentary in the rainforests of Venezuela. For the full story and video, you can look here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/video/2010/jul/05/harpy-eagle-attacks-bbc-wildlife-producer

    There have also been instances of eagles attacking children and severely disfiguring them.

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    Eagles really have no reason to attack a human other than if the human was to come far closer to their nesting area than recommended. Eagles are very territorial and because of this they will attack in order to protect their young. They do not attack and will not attack humans in order to use them as some form of food source. A lot of creatures will only attack if provoked.

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