Have coyotes ever killed a human?



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    Unfortunately, yes.  In 1981, coyotes attacked a toddler who later died in the hospital.  In 2009, coywolves attacked and killed a 19-year old Canadian folk singer.

    These attacks are very rare and almost always blown far out of proportion by sites like the one I have linked, which promotes the hunting of coyotes.  The government alone still kills over 30,000 coyotes per year on the basis of protecting livestock, but multiple studies have shown that coyotes and wolves so rarely kill livestock that they accounted for less than 1% of livestock deaths in 2008.  Coyotes have a special survival mechanism where they breed more in adverse conditions, so, ironically, the more the governement and individuals hunt them, the more pups they have.  Coyotes are the most persecuted predator in North America, rivaled only by wolves.

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