Have computers made us more lazy?



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    It can be argued that computers have made people lazier. However, many people would say that it is people’s choices to use computers (skipping time that could be spent doing something more physically active) that makes them lazy.

    The article below addresses the topic and compares it to the washing machine making people lazier – perhaps it is just the comfort that may make us lazy (if you are talking about lazy like looking something up online rather than reading a whole book about it, perhaps it is better…certainly more efficient.)

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    Yeah, probably. If you say has technology made us more lazy then the answer is definitely yeah—people used to have to travel using their own energy or with a horse, and riding one is a physical workout itself! With the advent of trains and automobiles, people began to rely on machines for transportation instead of their own physical abilities. We are now facing an obesity problem, and this is partly due to the fact that you really don’t have to do anything other than sit there to get from one place to another. Same thing goes for research… When I was very young we didn’t have access to computer dictionaries, encyclopedias, and databases (all of which are now online and in CD-ROM progams) and we had to learn how to use the card catalog at the Library (I don’t think your average student these days has heard of the dewey decimal system, but most probably know how to use wikipedia), but nowadays kids have it much easier—just type in whatever you want to know about and BOOM there it is at your fingertips… this has revolutionized the world — in some ways for the better (it’s faster and there is more good information available to everyone) and in some ways for the worse (it’s making us increasingly sedentary and in constant need of instant-gratification [in otherwords, it’s the “Now Culture”])… We must strive to find ways to balance out our daily routines — 2 hours of TV time and Internet use and at least 2 hours of exercise and or book study — and in schools teachers should encourage students to use not only the internet, but hard-copy books as well! (maybe both 3 internet articles and 3 book articles should be required! 4 balance)

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    “Lazy” is a difficult word to define.  Have computers made us (particularly kids?) less physically active?  Probably.  But is it lazy to employ a computer to do unpleasant work more quickly?  I don’t think so.

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    I think computer make our hands and feet lazy,but it make our mind hard-working.

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