Have cities ever been covered by lava?



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    Egyptian archeologists have unearthed traces of solidified lava on the northern coast of Sinai that dates around 1500 B.C., supporting accounts that ancient egyptian settlements were buried by lava from a massive eruption from Santorini, an eastern Mediterranean volcano. They theorize that the volcano created a giant tsunami that swept the lava all the way to Egypt. A Santorini-caused tsunami is believed to have helped wipe out the Minoan civilization, based on nearby Crete.

    More recently, on the 17th January 2002 the volcano Mount Nyiragongo erupted covering the town of Goma, located in the eastern Republic of Congo of Africa, with a thick layer of lava.

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    Cities that are destroyed due to a volcanic eruption are often buried under a lahar, which is a volcanic mudflow consisting of lava, ash and water that can be either hot or cold, thick like concrete and can flow very quickly like a river. Famous cities that have been covered include Pompeii in 79 AD and St. Pierre on Martinique in 1902. There is evidence that Sinai was buried in lava in 1500 BC. Many fear that an eruption of Mt. Rainier could bury parts of the Tacoma area.

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    St Pierre was destroyed by a pyroclastic flow, specifically a nuee ardente, not a lahar. Nor was it really very much buried. The destructive force was essentially hot, incandescent gas. There was some material involved, but it was not a volcanic mudflow. Burnable material in the town burned, but most of the town was not much buried by anything.

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