Have cellular phone signals been shown to pose real health risks to people?



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    Cell phone usage and its affects on human healthy is a very controversial subject of debate. There are no real concluding results either way: some say yes and some say no. However, a recently article to be published in September’s issue of Surgical Neurology claims that long-term cell phone usage (10 years or more) has been correlated with double the risk of developing a brain tumor on the side of the head as that preferred for the cell phone. Still, results in this field of study are constantly inconsistent.

    Additionally, some scientific research has indicated that cell phones may be harmful to children more so than adults. Previous research has shown that chicken embryos developed defects after being exposed to cell phone-similar radiation. According to Dr. Om Ghandi from the University of Utah, children are able to absorb twice as much radiation through their heads than adults, and it is able to spread across their entire brain. Due to this information, some organizations urge limited, if any, use of cell phones for young children.

    Khurana, V. G., Teo, C., Kundi, M., Hardell, L., & Carlberg, M. (2009). Cellphones and brain tumors: A review including the long-term epidemiological data. Surgical Neurology, 72(3), 205-214.

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