Have bald eagles ever been hunted by humans?



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    Yes.  A 1930 report in Popular Science magazine documented the decline of bald eagles (prior to the use of DDT, which severely diminished bald eagle populations decades later), where 70,000 had been shot in Alaska within a 12 year period.  Reasons cited for shooting the eagles were that they could carry off small animals and children.

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    Yes many instances occured due to bald eagle hunting. Due to the hunt that humans did on eagles, they have decreased significantly. Most humans also destroy the forest; which is where the eagles live in. Their habitat is in danger due to desforestation. Chemicals used in farming in the 1950’s is a serious effect that kills most of them. DDT, one of the chemicals used for farming have poisoned many eagles due to the cycle of food-chains. When farmers are farming, the DDT goes back into the water & fishes eat them; after, eagles eat the fish and consumed the poison from the fish. 

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