Have any of the winning homes from the solar decathlon gone into production?



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    It doesn’t look like it.  It’s strange that none of them have been reproduced, though, because according to the Department of Energy’s website, the houses are supposed to be cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and attractive.  The homes usually become tourist attractions in their home cities or go on tour so people can see the innovations used in them.

    It could be that the technology the teams use to build the homes is too advanced to be easily reproduced but in terms of what we’ve seen in the past it is affordable.

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    72 houses competed in the Solar Decathlon but they now “serve numerous education-, conservation-, and community-oriented functions” and are not commercially replicated as of late. However, it seems that many of the original houses are being sold on the market.

    Here’s a house in Minnesota that entered the competition (which was for sale):

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