Have any animals that we let go as pets taken over an area and done well in the wild?



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    Pythons are a great example of animals that we release once we realize we can’t handle them as pets and they then take over an area. The Florida Everglades are the perfect enviornment for pythons; it’s tropical, warm, swampy, and provides a plethora of food. Pythons are non-native to the US (native to Asia and Africa), but we import them as pets. Once they get too big and we can’t control them, we release them. They have since invaded the Everglades, completely throwing off the balance of the ecosystem there. Burmese pythons are known for being aggressive snakes, but now there are also rock pythons invading Florida. Rock pythons are much more ill-tempered and aggressive than their Burmese cousins, so they pose an even greater threat to the wildlife, as well as humans, in Florida.

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