Have any steps been taken to protect the Amazon rain forest?



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    Though efforts have not been enough to completely protect the Amazon Rain Forest from issues such as deforestation, some steps have been taken. Many organizations have promoted better education on forest management, protected areas within the forest, and scientific research. The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), for example, has participated in the creation of multiple protected areas within the Rainforest, helping to launch the Amazon Region Protected Animals program in 2002. It has helped to enact public policies restricting forest use, extend scientific research of species in the forest, and spread information on sustainable usage of natural resources for people in the area. However, more enforcement surrounding Rain Forest resources needs to be developed. Many companies currently break laws and illegally log in the forest.

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    There are a number of organizations and groups that are dedicated to helping protect the Amazon rainforest and raising awareness about the issue of deforestation.  The World Wildlife Fund is working to create partnerships with local governments and groups to help secure land rights, enforce best management practices, and ensure infrastructure development has as little lasting ecological impact as possible.   National Geographic Magazine has featured the Amazon a number of times, including the article cited below that helps people outside the situation become aware and do what they can to help protect it.

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