Have any major fault lines recently been discovered in the U.S.?



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    Not that I know of… I believe they have had all the fault lines mapped out for quite some time now. The Continent itself (North America) is pretty much one large tectonic plate (I think they call it the North American Plate, very creative huh?), which means that there aren’t many fault lines on it. The closest things we’ve got are the San Andreas Fault Line in California, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and some trench called the Puerto Rico Trench. Also there are some hot spot regions which I suppose could turn into a fault line, but that would take a major geologic shift and these occurs over vast periods of time… but eons from now these hotspots could turn into fault lines possibly. They “are the YellowstoneRaton and Anahim hotspots. These are thought to be caused by a narrow stream of hot mantle convecting up the Earth’s core-mantle boundary called a mantle plume,[1] although some geologists prefer upper-mantle convection as a cause.[2][3] The Yellowstone and Anahim hotspots are thought to have first arrived during the Miocene period and are still geologically active, creating earthquakes and volcanoes.”— from wiki

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