Have any industries really embraced the concept of upcyling?



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    Yes, I know of a couple instances where upcycling has been used. Instead of burning tires for their energy, which only allows us to get back 25% of the energy used to make the tire, some companies shred tires to make the mulch at the bottom of playgrounds. There is also a company called terracycle.net that takes materials such as capri sun wrappers and turns it into things like purses or backpacks.

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    I wouldn’t say that entire industries have embraced upcycling, however, there are more and more companies exploring the possibility of upcyclying. Companies that have evaluation by cradle-to-cradle would be considering upcycling in their design process. Cradle-to-cradle certified products can be seen at http://c2c.mbdc.com/c2c/list.php?order=type . From the looks of it most of the products are from cleaning and care, and home systems industries. There is still a long way to go before upcycling becomes a industry standard for any industry but as consumers we have the power to support products that have been designed with upcycling in mind.

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    Upcycling is becoming trendy in the worlds of fashion and interior design. The creative potential with upcycling is mostly untouched although there is some off-the-wall designs coming out in both industries. The link below features a blender which has been turned into a lamp.


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