Have any of the movies depicting the future been even close?



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    Events in movies don’t go exactly as they do in real life, but the message and theories in some are right on. Though not very far in the future, V for Vendetta definitely hit the mark in its plot points. American becoming to indulged in its power and eventually hurting itself, forcing other countries to close itself off from society. Children of Men has the same appeal. Though no world-wide sterilization has taken place, with the amount of pollution and experimentation that is going on the idea is entirely feasible, the world would turn to chaos and anarchy would ensue.

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    Good question.  I think many people getting excited about the possibilities and it is always interesting to look back on movies that were made for the future once the future has arrived.  Back To The Future, for instance, is nowwhere near close to being right in five years with the prospect of flying cars, among others. I’m sure there have been movies that have been close.  It’s important to remember that while many are far off, they are always based on some sort of fact. Novelists and movie makers always take what has been done, and then take that to an extreme.  Everything we watch is based on something that exists. If we can imagine it, then there is a possibility it can be realized.

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