Have any countries ban the use of fur in clothing and fashion?



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    It does not seem that any national government have outlawed all fur trade for fashion purposes, but at least one has come close. Last year, a bill was introduced in Israel to ban all fur trade aside from that serving the purposes of very orthodox Jews. The bill was defeated in November 2010 after extensive lobbying from furriers. Another significant incident was Norway’s recent ban of all fur from Fashion Week in Oslo.

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    It can be very controversial and difficult to pass laws banning fur, because in some countries fur is used to keep warm rather than as a fashion statment.  For instance some Inuit wear caribou skins which as very light and flexible, so they can easily be worn to keep warm and to work.  Russian, Scandinavian and Japanese wear fur frequently as well.   Fur is actually one of the oldest forms of clothing – in fact wearing animal skins of any sort. 

     Another issue that arises is that many “alternatives” to fur are made from synthetics (oil-based) clothing.  So there is on the one side the moral issue with killing animals or raising them on fur farms, as well as on the other side, the environmental issue in wearing no animal clothing but manufacturing it and also transporting that clothing to those who need it.  Ideally people would be able to meet their clothing needs locally and in a sustianalbe manner by using something such as wool.

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    I do not think that an entire country has banned fur in fashion, but West Hollywood, California recently became the first city in the United States to ban the sale of clothing that uses fur. The ordinance, passed November 21 of this year, will not go into effect until 2013. This could be a very big step forward for fashion, as West Hollywood attracts big names in fashion as well as many celebrities.

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