Have any big shoe producers (Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc.) come out with a vegan shoe?



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    Yes. Nike has come out with some shoes that are entirely made of man made or plant based material. The ever classic Converse All Stars (Chucks) are also vegan. There are several online shoe stores such as Zappos.com that have a wide selection of vegan shoes.

    Shopping for vegan shoes can be difficult. Remember to read labels carefully. Sometimes 100% Genuine Leather and 100% Genuine Imitation Leather can be easily confused. Sometimes shoes won’t be labeled with the exact materials they are made from. Look for other labels such as 100% man made materials, or 100% cruelty free.

    Although not everyone agrees with their methods PETA’s website does have some great shopping for vegan items that have been scoped out for everyone’s convenience.

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