Has the ZIP car idea been successful?



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    Yes, the Zipcar idea, known as “carsharing” has been a successful business and continues to grow to this day. Carsharing was first pioneered in Europe and Zipcar began in Boston in 1999 based on carsharing models from Germany and Switzerland. After merging with Flexcar in 2007, Zipcar became the world’s largest carsharing service.

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    I agree, it has.  And it shall continue to grow.  The system that has been set up is simple and cheap and will hopefully gain popularity in the States. Unfortunately it relies on cities having sound public transportation, allowing people to live there without needing cars. Few US cities are in such a situation, but as public transit expands, the availability of shared cars will encourage more people from not buying cars.

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    I think the Zipcar idea has been very successful. It has inspired a number of other “share” programs and companies as well. I think this idea will only become more popular. 

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