Has the Wii led to kids getting more exercise?



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    One study has revealed that the Wii’s principal impact might not be a general health improvement for its users. Instead, it might be best as a tool for “maintaining or losing body weight”.

    Playing Wii is clearly more of an exercise activity than simply sitting on the couch and playing another system. But it’s hard to tell how much more exercise it’s leading to.

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    For kids that just sat for hours playing video games or watching tv, the wii does provide more exercise to them because they were getting very little to start out with and it is more of an interact game that requires more movement. But it is by no means the best way for children to get active.

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    The Wii has made kids actually get up and move around. Since video games keeps children indoors and away from recreational activity, the Wii has allowed recreational activities to be accepted inside of the home.

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