Has Washington provided strong enough support for renewable energy?



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    That depends on your point of view. The Obama administration has committed significant federal resources to renewable energy research, development and business. The 2009 stimulus package included $70 billion of money for geothermal energy, wind power and solar power, much of it in the form of tax credits for the installation of these facilities. Is it strong enough? You’ll find people on both sides of the issue. Some believe renewable energy research is a waste of time and money and that we should be spending our resources trying to make existing sources of power cleaner and more sustainable. Nuclear power is a major issue, and Obama has also given money to foster this industry; of course nuclear power has its detractors as well. My personal belief is that both government and business should be extremely aggressive in pursuing research and development of renewable energy sources. I believe that both our environmental sustainability and our national security–in terms of both military and economic security–depends on the United States abandoning fossil fuels and switching over to renewable energy resources as quickly as possible, and I believe an urgent crash program, on the scale of America’s conversion to war industry during World War II, is warranted. So from this standpoint I personally don’t believe Obama’s support for renewable energy goes nearly far enough, though I can’t condemn any money I see coming out of Washington for these sorts of projects. At least we’re doing something.

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