Has vegetarianism become more popular since the green movement?



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    Yes, vegetarianism has definitely become more popular since the green movement.  A lot has been published on how bad raising livestock is on the environment.  There is also concern for what the animals are fed, and what humans in turn ingest by eating them.  Animal meat consumption can also lead to deforestation.  I think that as more information is published about the link between animal consumption and the environment, we will see more people making the choice to become vegetarian.

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    The green movement has also provided a platform for networking and education about the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle, both to individuals and the environment.  It has also developed fertile ground for community activities like urban gardens and vegetarian cook books that can make a vegetarian lifestyle more accessible to those who otherwise would remain omnivorous.

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    I would also add that the green movement has coincided with a worldwide effort to bring attention to the health complications related to obesity (heart disease in particular) which has, in turn, raised awareness of a vegetarian diet’s benefits.

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    Definitely. To add to what has been said, I think that the Green movement took a lot of the stigma away from being vegetarian, or even just eating less meat. Vegetarians were onced viewed as radical people who threw paint on people wearing fur and walked around accusing meat-eaters of murder. Now, with so many more people trying to eat healthier and be more green conscience, it is more socially acceptable to eat vegetarian.

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    Absolutely. I’ve been a vegetarian since around 1990, and back then, I rarely saw vegetarian options on restaurant or fast-food menus, and people weren’t as knowledgeable about vegetarianism and many people thought it was weird. Only recently (since about 2005) have I seen veggie burgers offered in restaurants, and some restaurants are even offering fake meat as a substitute. The green movement has definitely shed a new, more positive light on vegetarianism as people realize that it is a more enviornmentally-friendly diet. As part of the green trend, more celebrities and athletes are going vegetarian/vegan, making vegetarianism a more popular choice. 

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