Has Toyota ever had an electric car?



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    Yes, Toyota is very famous for its Prius model.  The Prius is a hybrid, meaning it can run either on gasoline like normal cars or on battery power through the battery in its engine.  Hybrids are designed to be plugged in to an electrical outlet if the driver wants to “re-fuel” the car with electricity instead of gasoline.  Toyota has also made some of its other cars hybrids like the Camry and Highlander.

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    As karitate18 said, Toyota does make the Prius. They have also recently come out with the plug-in hybrid Prius, which is different from their gasoline-electric hybrid. In terms of cars that run on battery power, there are three distinct categories: gasoline-electric hybrids (which are typically just referred to as “hybrids” since they have been around the longest and are the most common of the three–most Priuses that you see are gasoline-electric hybrids), plug-in electric hybrids, and all-electric. Gas-electric hybrids use a battery to store excess mechanical energy that the vehicle generates, such as when the driver brakes. However, this battery only charges in the course of driving the car; it is not possible to plug it into an outlet. Only plug-in electric hybrid vehicles and all-electric vehicles can be plugged in to charge. Currently, Toyota makes gasoline-electric hybrids and plug-in hybrids. There are plans to introduce an all-electric RAV4 model in 2012. 

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