Has a tiger and lion ever mated?



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    Yes, and they produce hybrids called ligers or tigons. A liger is created when a male lion and female tiger mates and reproduces, and a tigon is created with a male tiger and a female lion reproduces. Ligers are much more common because the mating process is easier. Tigons tend to be premature and die young. 

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    Yes, though not in the wild. The off-spring of a male lion and a female tiger is a liger, whereas the offspring of a male tiger and a female lion is a tigon. Ligers can grow to be absolutely huge, claiming the title of largest of all cats. Apparently the female off-spring of a lion and tiger mix is often fertile, while the males are usually sterile. 

    A Liger:

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    Yes. They produce hybrid animals that look rather different depending on which animal was the mother and which was the father. 

    Ligers have a tiger mother and a liger father. They’re the largest cats around, able to reach 12 feet long! They’re typically tan or orange-ish tan in coloration (like a lion) with some faint tiger stripes, as well as spots on their hindquarters inherited from the lion side of the family (baby lions are spotted).


    Tigons  have a lion mother and a tiger father. They’re generally much oranger, as well as smaller as ligers. They have both spots and stripes, and some males have small manes. 

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