Has there ever been a tsunami in California because of offshore earthquakes?



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    In 1964 there was an earthquake near the coast of Alaska.  The resulting tsunami damaged coastlines not only in Vancouver and Alaska, but also all down teh coast of California.  While waves that hit around Monterey were 21 feet max, 11 people were killed in California and $2.4 billion of property was ruined.

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    There have been over 80 tsunamis on the coast of California due to offshore earthquakes (near or distant) in recorded history since the year 1700.  Thankfully, the majority of these were minor and caused no damage.  Of the few that did cause damage, none has had more casualties than that of the 1964 quake outlined in the previous answer. 

    Crescent City has been a common victim of tsunamis and is the only town in the continental United States to suffer fatalities from such disaster.  It’s angle toward the ocean, crescent shape, and proximity to ridges in the ocean that focus the waves in its direction make it a tsunami magnet.  Most recently with this harrowing Japanese earthquake registering at 8.9 on the Richter scale, and also in November in 2006 from an 8.3 magnitude earthquake near the Kuril Islands, Crescent City suffered severe harbor damage costing millions of dollars.

    Humans have a good chance of surviving tsunamis as long as they have enough warning and take action.  Unfortunately it is those who have little time to head for higher ground or don’t recognize the signs of a tsunami that we must mourn.

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