Has there ever been a tornado in Oregon or Washington?



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    There was a large outbreak of tornadoes in Washington in 1972 when 2 F3 tornadoes and 1 F2 tornado touched down on the same day. There were 6 deaths and 300 injuries reported. Another touched down in 2009 and about 64 structures received damage.

    A massive tornado moved through Oregon about 45 miles south of Portland in December of 2009. Luckily, no deaths were reported in this twister, although there was a large amount of damage to the small town of Aumsville.

    Tornadoes in both of these states are rare but absolutely do come up every once in a while.

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    Yes! A massive tornado hit a small town in Aumsville Oregon in 2010. The tornado caused extensive damages, but luckily no one was seriously hurt from it. Also in 1972, there was a huge torndao that started in Portland and moved pass Washington all the way towards the Colunbia river and ended in Vancouver. This tornado caused Washington to suffer tremendously. Thouesands of people very injured and it was about $50 million of damages. The tornado in Washington was known to lead the highest death rates during that year. 

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