Has there been any words that have been made up because of the green movement?



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    According to the article linked below roughly 2,000 new words have been created by the green movement.

    Here are a few: carbon credit, carbon offset, eco-village, electrosmog, food miles, and negawatt.

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    The terms Bright Green, Light Green, Dark Green, and Gray to describe different environmentalist’s philosophies. There are the definitions: 

    Light Green: these are people that focus on lifestyle, behavior and consumer choices as a means to achieve sustainability. They advocate strongly on an individual level, and believe that if people are taught they can make small simple changes to make a difference they will not only take these steps but also work towards larger and lasting change. 

    Bright Green: These are people who believe that sustainable innovation is the way to go, and that any vision of sustainability which does not include prosperity and well-being as a main component will not succeed. A green future that is also bright; these people focus on changing urban landscape, entrepreneurial and design skills, and innovation at every level. 

    Dark Green: This group of people focus on change at the community level, they are interested in pulling back from consumerism and industrialization and getting back into direct contact with land. They emphasize local and short supply chains. 

    Gray: These are people who deny that there a problem at all, or that anything needs to be done. 

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