Has the term go green been copywrited?



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    Not that I can find. There is the Go Green Initiative, which is copyrighted. OR more likely their full name and/or http adress (http://www.gogreeninitiative.org/) is copyrighted. There is also the gogreen project and go green pressure washing company. There is go green digital, go green flooring, and gogreenyourway.com who also probably own their respecitve copyrights to their specific names.

    So a lot of companies are using the idea to sell a variety of products and services. 

    It is likely to widespread of a term and instead exists in the public domain – free to use. 

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    I’ve found no evidence that the phrase has been copyrighted.  To copyright something you generally have to be able to prove you created it and I don’t know of anyone who’s ever claimed to be the person to coin the term “Go green.”   It might be counterproductive to copyright the phrase “go green” anyway because copy righting something symbolizes one person/party has the right to the term while the term “go green” is associated with this idea that people need to come together to save the world, because we all share it.  Copyrighting the phrase just doesn’t seem to meld well with what the idea of going green entails.  

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