Has the stimulus package helped the environment a lot?



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    The white house has a nice press release from September of this year entitled “100 Recovery Act Projects that are Changing America.”  The Article provides brief description of highlighted positive economic changes resulting from the American Recovery and Reinvestement Act of 2009.  Just to highlight those focused on green investment:

    • $49 million awarded to Celgard, who manufactures a key component in lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.
    • The Advanced Energy Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax
      moved along production of energy efficient appliances, while simultaneously getting G.E. to bring jobs back to the U.S.
    • 24.7 million went the the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to test wind turbines; 12.8 million to increased wind turbine production in Indiana.
    • 5.2 million to the development of a smart grid in South Carolina
    • 400 million to Solar Manufacturing, LLC for development of new more advanced solar panels in Colorado and Indiana plants.

    Since this is a list of 100, there are many more.  The answer to your question all depends on what your definition of “a lot” is.  I recommend reading over the article, it provides a wealth of information on the Recovery Act, and helps refresh what it was for in the first place.

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