has the sea shepherd gone too far by launching acid at the whaling boats?



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    I find that some of the tactics the Sea Shepherd does is a bit too far. 

    The acid that they use, though, is not as dangerous as one would think.  In fact it’s nothing more than rotten butter.  It is the Japanese whalers that referred to the rotten butter as an acid.  It is of course an acid but the spin is meant to conjure up the image of highly corrosive and disfiguring sulfuric acid. Rotten butter is butyric acid, as orange juice is citric acid and milk is lactic acid. The reality is that beer is more acidic than rotten butter.

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    If it were corrosive acid yes. Rotten butter seems pretty harmless. I think some of the tactics they use go a little far and make environmentalists look a bit unstable… but on the other hand, I admire that they care so much about whales to risk so much to save them.

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