Has science hurt the environment at all?



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    The science of technologies we use daily that harm the environment has harmed the environment, but otherwise science is the best thing for the environment. It is an understanding of causes/effects and why things work. If we can understand that we can take out the causes from humanity that effect the environment negatively.

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    Certainly, science and technology are intrinsically intertwined with the environment and not just how we affect it, but how perceive it as well. We quantify nature and our planet’s biological process based on our understanding of science. Something like the science that has manufactured genetically modified organisms and crops stands as an example of how we have the exploitable resources to alter and dominate nature as we see fit.

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    Science has undoubtably had an adverse effect on the environment. Technological advancements over time, such as the industrial revolution, and the invention of cars and airplanes, have lead to massive amounts of pollution over time (To be fair, they have also shaped our world in many positive ways as well, which I will not go into here).

    However, science can also be the key to helping the environment. Today, many companies are spending billions of dollars on reseach and developement to produce cleaner, more enviromentally friendly products and production proccesses in an attempt to correct some of the damage done by science over time and work towards a sustainable future.

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    Science has no motive and is completely indifferent towards everything. It is the users who control what and who it impacts. Science has been both bad for the environment and good for it.  The industrial revolution contributed massive pollution to the world, but green industries today counter act that and save energy.  Scientific inventions are at the mercy of the users.

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