Has the recession boosted or set back moves toward a more sustainable world economy?



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    In my experience, it has done both. People want to get more bang for their buck, especially now. As such, more people are going to recycling centers, because they can get back a pretty penny for it; conversely, people are also less apt to use more money to be green or buy organic. I think that right now, the most popular green moves are those which both save money and the environment. For instance, many have decided that if you can save money long term by using a green car, it’s worth the couple of thousand extra dollars to save on gas and such for years. I think that, for the most part, the world is moving towards being greener.

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    The recession is one of the worst since the great drepression. The reason is because it is combined with a housing market crash and a banking crisis. Those two setbacks combined made for a deep GDP loss resulting in a long term recovery compared to previous recessions. With that in mind, what has this setback done towards making a more sustainable world economy. first of all what we would have to define a sustainable economy. Doing so we can compare our sustainability to previous years. To my knowledge the world has been making a slow but steady progress towards a sustainable economy. Since we are looking at the World economy I have a tendency to still think of the USA, not only becsue i am an america, but becaue the US is one of the biggest consumers. Therefore if the US does its job by reducing CO2 emmisions then overall we will be making a sustainable world economy. With obama consulting enviornmental policies we are making are slow progress. The recession has slowed us down because of financial ciccumstances. But the world has still been striving towards a more sustainable world. When the recession is fully recovered acts towards sustainability may increase depending on certain mesures that pass. Many people say that the small stuff count, which it does. As mayself, I BIKE OREGON! In my opionion the real steps are being made in think tanks and enviornmental research firms who promote within. 

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    Less money, less spent on environmental improvements.  And everything else for that matter.  Especially stuff deemed non-critical to short-run goals.  Unfortunately, environmental improvements generally cost more up-front than traditional approaches.  Luckily, recessions are typically short, and the boom periods more than offset them.

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