Has the production of incandescent bulbs stopped?



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    Even if some companies are still producing incandescent bulbs, they probably won’t be for long because the phase out began in January of 2010.

    Last year, Toshiba announced that it would stop producing incandescent bulbs and instead produce LED bulbs that are more energy efficient.  Similarly, GE closed its last incandescent bulb factory in September of last year.  These changes were prompted by an energy-conservation bill passed in 2007 that requires the U.S. to “reduce electricity use by at least 10 percent.”  Similarly, the bill requires more stringent efficiency standards in lighting.  Bulbs are required to be more energy efficient by 2014, so many companies are phasing them out now or stopping production altogether.

    Philips is actually compromising and producing more energy efficient halogen light bulbs called Eco Vantage bulbs that meet the government’s standards.  Other companies are producing CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) as alternatives to traditional incandescent bulbs.

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