Has the production of coal plants in China decreased over the past few years?



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    No, it has risen.  In 2000, 1 billion tons of coal was mined; in 2009 2.96 billion tons was mined.  China is the largest consumer of coal in the world, and on top of that they have the greatest number of deaths caused by mining. 

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    Coal fired power plants in China have not decreased any notable percentage over the past few years. However China is replacing many of their current plants with more energy efficient ones, one at a time. China currently uses more coal than the United States, Europe, and Japan combined. They have more than tripled their usage over the last decade from 880 million tons in 200 all the way to 2.96 billion tons in 2009. Last year China stopped publishing their coal consumption which may be a good indicator that this figure is still elevating.

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    As China’s population grows, the country will continue to build more and more coal-fired power pants to meet their electricity needs. They are also importing oil, including from places like Iran that the US and other industrialized nations are steering clear of because they are such volatile regions.

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