Has poaching led to the extinction of any animal species?



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    Yes, poaching and hunting has led to the extinction of animals such as the Javan Rhino, Western Black Rhino, Dodo, Bali Tiger, Javan Tiger, Barbary Lion, Bubal Hartebeest, Guam Flying Fox, Hawai’i O’o, Japanese Sea Lion, Passenger Pigeon, Pyrenean Ibex, and the Toolache Wallaby. 

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    The only animal I know of that has definitely been poached to extinction is the western black rhino, a subspecies of black rhinos, which was only recently officially declared extinct.  However, many species currently listed as critically endangered (such as the sumatran tiger and black rhinoceros) continue to be poached, which means that we could soon see more species lost to poaching.

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    According to listverse.com, the Tazmanian Tiger (aka the Thylacine) became extinct in the later 1930’s due to poaching.  The Quagga, which looks like a cross between a donkey and and a zebra became extinct in the late 1800’s.  The Caribbean Monk Seal, Pyrenean Ibex, and Javan tiger have all become extinct as well due to poaching.  The link I have attached lists a few other species as well.

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    The Quagga, which is a type of zebra species mainly found in South Africa, was hunted to its extinction in 1867. Prior to the disapperance of the species, it was unknown to many that the Quagga a seperate species from the Plains zebra. Therefore, by the time the Quagga were recognized as being endangered, there was only one left, which was captured and placed in the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam in 1883.

    The extinction of the Quagga was a direct result of hunting practices by farmers in South Africa who killed the Quagga for its leather. In addition, the Quagga were also killed because “they were seen by the settlers as competitors for their livestock,” (“10 Recently Extinct Animals“). 


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