Has the overuse of the word green hurt the movement?



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    One idea that is harmful to the movement towards environmental sustainability is greenwashing, or the unjustified use of terms like “green” or “eco-friendly” by businesses in order to create a false self-image. These businesses are sometimes environmentally destructive, yet they try to portray themselves as “green” in order to alter public opinion and avoid backlash due to their harmful practices.

    Some examples of greenwashing are BP’s donations to the National Wildlife Federation, Mobil Oil’s biodegradable plastic bags, and General Electric’s “Ecoimagination” campaign. These are all tactics aimed at making the above companies seem like they are part of the solution to sustainability, rather than part of the cause of environmental problems.

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    I would say yes. The word “green” has become trendy and as history shows all trends eventually phase out. Everything is trying to become green in current times. Green styrofoam is even being produced, which biodegrades in 5 million years, instead of the normal 6 million.

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    I really don’t think so.  I think it is very important to to have a name that is easily recognizable to the public and that they associate with the environment. The “green” movement has helped the environment immensely…it may be overused, but I don’t think it has been detrimental in any way. 

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