Has Oprah done anything for the environment?



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    Oprah frequently features tips for eco-friendly living, invites guests like Al Gore and Ed Begley, Jr., and does segments on things like green homes, make-overs, lifestyles, and products. She also makes use of her magazine, website and television show to get the green word out. I couldn’t find any evidence of whether or not she walks the talk, but she has certainly made use of her fame and exposure to get the word out in a positive fashion.

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    Through the tremendous power she wields over the public through her show, whatever Oprah says sometimes literally goes. Thus, she has had many environmental and green themed show topics which were informative and helpful to the average American. She also very publicly endorsed Al Gore’s documentary, “An inconvenient truth.”

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    Oprah has used the huge success of her daytime talk show and the influence she has on millions of Americans to help spread the word about protecting the environment. On April 22nd last year, she devoted her show’s agenda that day to the environment. She sat down with Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of Jacques Cousteau, as he explained that most of our trash ends up in the ocean, harming the ecosystem and animals. Also featured was an Oprah Show reporter, who showed that most of the trash that clogs up our landfills is there unnecessarily-there were many items that could have and should have been recycled. Michael Pollan visited via Skype, and discussed the importance of eating less meat, and buying organic, healthy foods. Beyond just these guests, Oprah shared her tips for saving the environment and saving money, hopefully influencing at least some of her audience members to change.

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