Has Obama started any programs to prevent childhood Obesity?



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    Barack Obama hasn’t done much around the problem of childhood obesity, but Michelle Obama has, starting a program called ‘Let’s Move,”  which is trying to bring attention to the need for kids to eat healthlier and excercise more, and just generally inform parents of both the problems and what they can do to help. In addition, the administration is attempting to round up $10 billion for more nutritious school lunches.

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    Jamie Oliver, the British chef, has been making strides regarding the nutritional value of school lunches.  I belive that he has brought the most amount of visibility to the issue with his show Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  This is a nationwide issue that requires funding in order to increase the quality of food in our schools.  The best way to get this funding is to tell our representatives in government that this is a priority to us.  To be blunt, I don’t think Obama is going to front this movement because he has so many other issues to deal with.

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    In addition to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program, her work also involves building super markets in impoverished urban areas. Many residents of these areas do not have access to fresh, healthy food, which perpetuates the obesity epidemic. One area she visited recently was North Philadelphia, where she participated in the opening of The Fresh Grocer.

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