Has Obama done anything to try and make our appliances more efficient than they ever have been?



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    No president is going to hold your hand or wipe cookie crumbs off your face for you, figuratively speaking of course; The government’s role has been horribly misinterpreted, much to the ruin of its people (and joy of big businesses and special interest groups.) We employ the government; We run it, control it (or should,) pay it, and use it to our advantage (in theory.) If we want our president, for example, to work harder on energy efficiency, we simply have to call him or write him a letter. I know that sounds like something you’d do in a 5h grade classroom, but you’d be surprised how effective it is. And the sad thing? Big businesses and special interest groups have learned about their power to persuade government to act in their favor, much more effectively than we as citizens have. So even-though it would be nice to sit back and let your president read your mind and do what you hope he (or she) would do, unfortunately it’s not that easy. Even a smart guy like Obama, needs advice on what to do sometimes. 

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