Has Obama created a lot of green jobs since he has been in office?



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    No, he has a plan to help create up to 5 million jobs in the next 10 years has not taken affect yet. Many of the more radical ideas that Obama has are being voted down by congress. Even though he has a lot of new ideas for green energy, to date not much has been done because he has had to deal with health care and the economy.

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    Personally, I do not see that the term “Green Job” has been specifically defined as of yet.  Typically, it refers to industries that are in the Green Tech and innovation sectors (e.g building solar panels, home energy auditors, etc).  These industries tend to be larger business in the energy sector, not small start-up businesses in recycled material stationary or green event planning.  For me, I almost see it as a Green Job vs. green job competition.

    I have found that a really good way of seeing what Green Jobs are out there, and with what businesses, is to see a Green Jobs Fair attendant list. (see link below)

    The green jobs definition should be broadened beyond the energy industries, and THAT is where more jobs will be captured.

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