Has Korea or Japan spent more money on being green?



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    It is difficult to give a quantitatively accurate answer to this question, since there is no timeframe given. So, I’ll answer the question based on most recent spending patterns in both countries.

    As a result of the economic downturn in 2008-2009, many governments all over the world implemented stimulus packages which focused in large part on significantly increasing “green” investments (on renewable, clean, efficient energy, for instance, or on environmental measures designed to reduce national carbon emissions). South Korea committed nearly $31 billion towards green measures, while Japan put in less than half this amount, $12.4 billion.

    The difference is even more marked when you look at the percentage of each country’s fiscal stimulus package that went towards green investments. In South Korea, over 80% was devoted to green; in Japan, only about 3% went towards green measures.

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