Has kidney disease been linked to anything in our diet?



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    It hasn’t been directly linked to any one food or food groupings, but it is indirectly related to food.  The two most common causes of kidney disease are Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure.  Both of these symptoms can result in those who are obese – aka those who eat an overabundance of unhealthy, fatty foods.  Both of these are more likely to be diagnosed in overweight adults, so the key to keeping clear of both of these diseases is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to avoid a lot of saturated fat in one’s diet. 

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    A study published last November indicates that diets high in sodium can lead to kidney disease and another showed that diets high in artificial sweeteners can lead to kidney disease. Both studies were conducted with Caucasian women over an 11 year period. Researchers suggest that further studies must be performed in order to see if the same results appear in men and/or other ethnicities.

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