Has a jaguarondi ever been caught? Are there any other similarly elusive animals defying capture and study?



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    A number of Jaguarondis have been captured in the vicinity of Brownsville, Texas, in the low sage-brush and cactus which abound in that neighbour-hood. They hide so successfully that they are difficult to shoot, but are quite easily trapped. Another very elusive wild animal is the giant squid. The first photographs of a live one were only taken four years ago, and very few people have ever seen them.

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    In the 1940’s jaguarondi’s were brought to Florida as pets from South America. Some escaped and established populations in Florida. The jaguarondi can be found anywhere from Texas to South America. Due to their need for large habitats they are not found at many zoos, if they are usually only two can be found living at a zoo. The

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