Has it been harder for companies to go green given the economic situation?



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    In some ways yes in the short term because companies will have to reallocate funds from some sectors which are not profitable into new sectors such as renewable energy or green products, which undoubtedly would lead to some costs in the short run. In the long run however, companies should be able to profit off the “green movement” as long as they re-invest their money the right ways.

    Overall, it is harder for companies to do anything right now because a lot of companies have debt to pay off, (especially companies which had investments in the real estate sector, which thanks to mutual funds was a lot of companies) and it is also more expensive and harder to find a loan that before the recession began.

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    Absolutely.  Take the energy technology market as an example.  Because renewable energy sources (and other alternative fuel sources) are currently perceived as risky investments, funding is hard to obtain to overcome significant upfront expenditures.  Overhauling the energy industry (from updating our electrical grid to develping alternative sources to cut our reliance on finite natural resources) is, thus, very expensive.  Because the economy is still recovering from the recession, justifying significant spending is difficult.

    Adopting greener policies, however, on a smaller scale (like office recycling and carpooling) is definitely feasible in this economic climate.  Also, marketing these policies in green marketing campaigns can yield considerable profits in our environmentally-conscious consumer market. 

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