Has the iPod helped or hurt our environment?



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    iPods eliminate the use of CD’s, which require a lot of energy and resources to produce. Apple sells about 5 million songs per DAY, or about half a million CD’s worth. This keeps a lot of CD’s from having to be manufactured and eventually thrown in landfills.

    Additionally, the success of the iPod has allowed Apple to develop environmental programs that reduce the company’s footprint as a whole. They have eliminated the use of many harmful chemicals in their products and all of their products are Energy Star 4.0 compliant or better. One thing Apple has done that no other electronics company has is they have calculated the carbon footprint of each new individual product. This can help consumers be more conscious of the environmental effects of their purchase.

    So overall, the iPod has helped our environment.

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    Here is an interesting article that talks more about this. The researchers estimated the impacts for several different scenarios and listening to digital music on a digital music playing device beat all the other scenarios out. Another thing to consider, however, is that the number of people listening to music or downloading or buying devices may have increased because the digital age has made it so simple to do so. So if music had not gone digital, perhaps not as many people would be using a music playing device. That is just a thought though. That would be a difficult calculation to estimate.

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