Has the iPod and digital music been a good thing for the environment?



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    Not really. In theory, downloading music would mean fewer CDs in the landfills, but many people burn their downloaded music onto blank CDs, meaning that there has not been a significant decline in CD waste. Furthermore, there is the problem of e-waste. Apple actually faced some criticism on this a couple years ago, as Apple products would not be properly recycled (and repairing was not encouraged), which meant iPods would end up in the landfill. The best way for digital music to have a positive impact on the environment is to avoid burning CDs (use auxiliary cables or cassettes in the car to play music straight from your iPod or MP3 player) and to properly recycle the player when it’s broken (contact your local recycling centers to see how they handle e-waste).

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    Furthermore, mp3 players don’t last forever. The battery life, physical component of the players suffer wear and tear through daily use and accidents. Companies are producing a newer, better version of their products so frequently that the one you own becomes obselete technologically very quickly. Consumers are lured and sometimes forced to buy new ones every so often, which produces a lot of e-waste that could have a lot of negative impact on the environment if not properly disposed. 

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