Has investing in green technology resulted in a good ROI in the last 10 years?



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    It’s pretty hard to tell the return on investments for alternative energy because a majority of the investments are still rather young. 

    Solar energy has proven to be a solid investment so far and is expected to grow significantly in coming years. The price of solar panels dropped 47% in 2011 according to Bloomberg. Nearly 40% of green projects cost is solar panels so a decrease in cost could provide a significant boost to the solar panel industry. The price is projected to drop continuously over the next 20 years. One projection believes that if one were to have invested $25,500 in solar energy last year, that it would be worth $108,000 in 2025 (estimated based on changing costs of solar energy).

    Investing in car companies with growing technology in electric and hybrid vehicles may also be a good investment. Even though electric cars have not had a huge breakthrough in US markets, the companies that care enough to invest in these technologies are poised to make some huge advances.  

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