Has the invention of firearms hurt our environment?



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    Clearly, yes. Have you ever heard of muzzle flash? That’s fire coming out the barrel of a gun — a contained explosion — do not think for a second that this isn’t in some small way a contributor to global warming (I said in a small way, but perhaps I meant, almost insignificant, but still there) and also one of many contributors to the growing problem of excess CO2 being unlocked from a solid state and put into the air as a gas… Explosions = heat and gas emissions.  So firearms, combustion engines, and bombs all are definitely contributors to the growing problem of climate change. That’s why I say: STOP WAR! (oh yeah, because it hurts the environment, but even moreso people — families, friends are lost, and for what good reason this time? I say we are entirely to inclined to engage in military acts abroad, we have more important priorities here at home—like looking at the wars we are waging against the environment itself (anytime we choose to rev up that engine, or speed to make that red light, or throw that fast food bag out the window instead of in a trashcan — it amounts to WAR against the environment and other people — and it is wrong and therefore we need to STOP NOW!) 

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