Has the green wall been built yet?



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    If you’re referring to the green wall in China (I also found reference to one in Africa), or the “Great Green Wall,” then the answer is that it has been started, but has encountered many problems along the way. The wall was conceived of as a plan to plant 12 billions trees in five years to protect cities and towns in northern China from the desert. Deserts in China have been growing as an increase in demand for natural resources depletes the land of water and erosion-preventing plants and trees and over-logging and over-grazing increase erosion. To help reduce these effects, every March China holds a national tree-planting day, during which volunteers help plant trees, averaging 40 trees per person since 1982. With a population of 1.3 billion people, that’s a lot of trees. In February of 2006 it was reported that the deserts in China had actually shrunk by 797 square miles per year for the previous 5 years. However, a sharp increase in the demand for wood, unsustainable logging practices, and monocultural planting practices leading to poor biodiversity have all threatened the health of the Great Green Wall as a forest, and suggest that the desertification of China won’t be an easy problem to solve.

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