Has the green movement helped with our recession at all?



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    Some people blame the recession on the green movement because of its focus on shifting away from materialistic things and only consuming resources necessary to survive. On the other hand, some think that the green movement will pull us out of the recession because of its potential in creating a whole new job sector. By creating jobs, unemplyment levels have the opportunity to change dramatically positively affecting the rest of the economy. There is no clear cut answer to this question but rather valid and thoughtful points and arguments to examine. Hope this helps a little 🙂

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    There is much controversy surrounding the economic viability of green reform.  The development of improved energy technologies, for instance, promises to create jobs and give us a much-needed innovation edge (given our trade deficits).  The Center for American Progress reports that as many as 1.7 million jobs could be created (lowering the current unemployment rate by 1%) if there were significant, sustained investments in clean-energy technologies. 

    On the other hand, many argue that burdening American taxpayers in the midst of a recession is not only “unfair,” but will also hamper our recovery.  Congress just addressed the issue of government spending on environmental policy (the Republican-dominated House argued spending could be cut if we deregulated the energy sector, essentially making coal and oil cheaper as well). 

    Again, I’ll stress how deeply controversial this topic is. 

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