Has the government tried to ban tanning beds?



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    There has not been a large movement supporting an outright ban on tanning beds, but banning their use by teenagers has been considered and implemented to some degree. About 30 states have some form of regulation limiting use by those under 18, such as requiring parental consent. Last year, an FDA panel recommended that teens under 18 be completely prohibited from using tanning beds, but action has yet to be taken.

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    The World Health Organisation in 2009 labeled tanning beds as carcinogens, and tanning beds are believed to increast risk of skin cancer by 75%. Currently, the American Academy of Pediactrics is pushing for a ban that would restrict teenagers from using tanning beds.

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    No bans, but the Obama administration did pass a 10% tax levy on tanning beds, thought to generate 2.7 billion dollars a year toward the health industry.  Tanning salons have been hit hard, as their customers are outraged at such a targeted tax.  In my opinion though, such a luxury as tanning is not exactly a human necessity.  And according to recent studies, tanning can up your risk of skin cancer by 75% if a person is under 30.  When there are non-carcinogenic creams and sprays out there, it almost seems appropriate to tax the cause of a health problem to help pay for the treatment otherwise paid by taxpayers.

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