Has the government thought about bringing back the victory gardens?



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         The government has no large-scale plans to bring back the victory garden. However, many people see Michelle Obama’s organic White House garden as a new kind of victory garden. The see Mrs. Obama as setting an example by growing organic food in her backyard.

         There hasn’t been a garden on White House grounds since Eleanor Roosevelt planted one in WWII. Mrs. Obama is using the garden to promote healthy eating as part of her campaign against childhood obesity. The White House garden includes 55 varieties of vegetables and two beehives. 


    A Victory Garden Poster from WWI

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    While the government hasn’t necessarily encouraged the modern victory garden, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t doing it. Here’s a link to a blog of a family in western Washington state that reports on the progress of their modern victory garden (http://www.modernvictorygarden.com/ourvictorygarden.htm).

    There is also the growing urban homesteading movement (http://www.countryfarm-lifestyles.com/urban-homesteading.html) , and it is becoming more and more popular for people in urban areas to have a few hens, worm composting, a garden plot and maybe even some fruit trees.

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